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Thursday, May 27, 2010

JNVDL at XTech2007 (Paris, France)

XTech 2007 Conference
At this years XTech in Paris I had the opportunity to present the NVDL technology and all the great benefits it has over using Relax NG or XML Schema for compound document validation.

Figure 1. NVDL Prezentation

I introduced also JNVDL, my NVDL implementation which is extending the NVDL specification in many different asects to make it suitable for real-life application.
For some people in the room it was hard to accept the novel way NVDL looks on compound document validation. That's why my presentation was followed by a stormy disscussion. Some people had problems to accept the idea that using Relax NG, XML Schema and other schema languages only for defining single namespace grammars and leaving anythink related to compound grammars to NVDL brings significant benefits.
At the conference I had the opportunity to meet Henry Sivonen who is working on a validation service similar to Relaxed. He even reused my enhanced HTML schemas in his project. It was interesting to see how are different people approaching the same think slightely differently.

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