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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Relaxed at WWW2006 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Article about Relaxed at WWW2006
This year I had the great opportunity to present the Relaxed project at the WWW2006 conference in Edinburgh as the research paper which I wrote with Jirka Kosek about Relaxed the HTML validator and it's way toward real compound document validation was accepted.

Figure 1. Relaxed Paper Prezentation

Beside the opportunity to present Relaxed and to emphesize weaknesses of other validation approaches (e.g. W3C validator) it was also a great opportunity to see where is Web heading in the following years. It seems quite obvious that the old Web paradigm needs to be replaced or at least renovated with something new which is referenced to as the Web 2.0. A big movement which had an increadible amount of space at the conference is semantic web and its application.

Figure 2. Tim's speaking

What is very interesting for the Relaxed project is that (if we forget about the ugly microformat approach) all of those new directions inevitably lead to the use of combined grammars in the Web environment and they also intesify the need of validation of such documents.

Figure 3. WWW2006 ceremony

For example, very interesting was a prezentation about so called "xH", which is an approach to build rich client Web applications using combination of different standards-based languages such as XForms, XHTML, SVG, MathML and JavaScript.

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